Let’s just say it, the problems are there and they are big.


There’s no doubt about it, working in the mental health field can potentially be a high-stress occupation.  Difficulties with patients can be enough and then you throw working general workload, working long or old hours, understaffing, ineffective management and minimal pay on top of it and you’ve got yourself a homemade batch of Job Stress.

Yes, it’s a thing.  Job stress can be defined as…

“the harmful physical and emotional responses that occur when the requirements of the job do not match the capabilities, resources, or needs of the worker. Job stress can lead to poor health and even injury.” The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

We have all been victims of Job Stress or some form of anxiety/depression related to the job at some point in our careers.  My experience has been no different.  Twice in my career, I have worked under power-hungry Managers who used me for my talents and took advantage of my need to please only to leave me feeling broken, burnt out and running for the hills.  Those days were tough to put it lightly.

That’s why when we created Empowered Partnerships LLC, we made fair employment practices a cornerstone of our business.  We do not place any level of professional in opportunities that we know or do not believe to be fair to the individual, the company and placement situation.

Too often have we seen companies looking to cut back on compensation that is already below the market, asking employees to deal with inappropriate or poor environments and pulling the old bait and switch on new hires.

Man, that really fires me up.  

The importance is obvious and our pursuit of quality employment is continuous, genuine and

We view our roles within the mental health community not only as Professional Employment Connectors for our Job-Seekers and Employers but also as Advocates for the professionals who are providing such a valuable service to the community.

Let’s just say it, the problems are there and they are big.  Community-based organizations,

Community-based organizations, non-profits and private companies alike are waking up to realize the importance and value of providing proper employment.  Otherwise, their reputation and the services they provide suffer.  Then who really suffers?  The patients we are all here to help in the first place.

Both our Job-Seekers and Employees on the job can expect a certain level of quality from us that will always be #1 in our book.  Quality within the organizations we introduce them to, quality within the opportunities we provide them with and quality within the employment they find with Empowered Partnerships.

Besides, what are we all here for other than to let someone know we care.

“We are more than just a company”


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