Local Artist Matthew Meyers, aka TAK, Showcasing Artwork at #MHAB2017


Colorado Artist, Matthew Meyers, has generously donated 6 art unique art pieces to be auctioned off at the 2nd Annual Mental Health Art Benefit on March 11, 2017, hosted by Empowered Partnerships. 


Matthew Meyers, aka TAK has always loved art and has often been drawn towards art that is not like the norm.  His passion for art took on a new form when he was introduced to graffiti art as a teenager; which is when he also took on the name, TAK.

He finds joy now in finding old pictures at the thrift store and giving what he calls, “A breath of life” to them.  These paintings that once were discarded as useless, now take on new meanings; which vary from humor to in-depth life meanings.  While Matthew still loves to paint with spray cans, it’s not his main medium anymore, but will always be his “guilty pleasure!”


Matthew works as a Sr. Leadership Development Consultant for T-Mobile and his own consultant firm as a Professional Business Coach.  Matthew is also an actor in Denver for Maximum Talent and a regular actor for Madcap Theater.

Matthew has a personal tie to the Mental Health industry, and is proud to feature his works to raise money for Mental Health Colorado. Matthew Meyers is a proud father of two wonderful little boys; ages 8 years and 16 months old and a  husband to his longtime love.

See all of Matthew’s pieces being auctioned off at www.MHAB2017.com