Marketing Technology is a Mess, so MyStacks Launches to Make Sense of It

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Provided by Twitter

Marketing technology continues to grow at apace. It is more fragmented than ever, and the number of available solutions has seen year-on-year triple-digit growth for half a decade.

And that’s a problem for everyone involved.

Keeping track of the tools, processes, and systems that are in use within your company is challenging enough, let alone taking an industry-wide view of martech.

Today, CabinetM — a martech directory, marketplace, and collaboration network — has announced MyStacks, a platform that lets marketers and agencies create, share, and collaborate around marketing technology stacks.

In other words, it gives you a chance to understand your martech fingerprint and offers an opportunity to see how your ecosystem stacks up against your peers’ (pun intended).

How does it work?

CabinetM has over 4,500 products in its marketing technology directory, covering more than 100 categories of martech product. Simply put, you search for the products you use and add them to your stack. Stacks can be broken up into logical sections, such as social, content, or email marketing. You decide how to label those parts, which means you can label them according to what the tool will do for you, what department it is for, or the location with which it aligns.

Any tool that can help organize marketing technology is welcome, especially in a world where 92 percent of marketers at small to medium-sized companies use up to seven separate marketing products per day. According to Anita Brearton, founder and CEO at CabinetM, the reality of a company needing multiple, disparate marketing tools to achieve its goals is not going away.