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There is so much happening day by day.

How does a busy professional stay up-to-date?

We get that!


As one of the few 100% Mental Health Dedicated RPO Recruitment Firms in the nation, we pride ourselves in our specialty and dedication to the mental and behavioral health industry.  We utilize high-niche market data and industry information to provide critical feedback to our clients and candidates, particularly those looking for a deeper understanding of whats going on in the space.

Sign up to receive weekly updates on the latest news, views and goings-on within the mental health arena.  Included you will find articles addressing specific topics related to mental illness,laws/policy/legislation, medically reviewed studies and professional opinions.  Readers also have the opportunity to join in on mental and physical health related monthly challenges!  In addition, you will find links to Colorado-local Open Job Opportunities for those interested in taking a look!

Staying up-to-date on mental health is simple, with us!


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