MHAB2017: Nancy Alterman Shares her Personal Story of Recovery and ECT

Nancy with her cousin and business partner, Cheryl

BID ON #35 “Colors of Love”

by Nancy Alterman/DaleRae Designs

Nancy Alterman is a self-described “poster child” of ECT, electroconvulsive therapy.  She explained, “For a year all I could do was walk my dogs, otherwise I hardly left my house because of my severe depression. This was after a manic episode that lasted 6 months.”

In 2008 she received ECT (electric shock) at Centennial Peaks in Louisville, Colorado as a recovery option for her depression.

For me, I feel like a completely different person. Everything feels so different, I feel like a light switch was turned on.” ~Nancy Alterman

To look at her now, you would never know how much she struggled with the emotional swings of bipolar disorder.  Since her recovery, Nancy is committed to sharing her story to give hope to others.  Nancy also volunteers with many organizations like NAMI, Mental Health Colorado and the Colorado Mental Wellness Network.

Check out TriCuzz Productions

Nancy started a production company, TriCuzz Productions, to bring the power of video storytelling to the nonprofit sector. Empowered Partnerships is honored to showcase one of Nancy’s art pieces.   Nancy explained that prior to ECT, she had not discovered her inner artist.   She has been exploring her artistic abilities with photography and collage work.  She has been donating her art to raise funds for several non-profit organizations… Mental Health Colorado, PetAid, ADL, Shaka Franklin Foundation, to name a few.

“Life is so joyful, and I want to let others know that recovery is possible, and life is worth living.  I feel like I was given this recovery to make a difference.” ~Nancy Alterman

Nancy’s “Kindess Matters” will be included in the silent auction at the Mental Health Art Benefit on March 11, 2017.  Empowered Partnerships is honored to have her join in our efforts to change the stigma that surrounds mental illness.  All proceeds of the event are donated to Mental Health Colorado.

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