MHAB2017 Photos, Videos & Totals

What a difference a year makes!!!

We had such an amazing and successful event this year!!

Congratulations to our MHAB2017 Queen, Shawna Urbankski , and Sandi ZehnLab for winning the Caption Contest!

So, how did Mental Health Art Benefit 2017 do???

Well, let’s start with 2016…

About 60 in Attendance, 56 Bids Occurred & $1165 Raised

This year, we did…

About 150 in Attendance, 271 Bids Occurred & drum roll please…

In total, we raised $5956.00 for Mental Health Colorado!


We also added 59 New Signatures to the Petition to create a Mental Health Professional’s Day!

I would like to say, ‘THANK YOU’ from the bottom of my heart to…

Our incredible MC & Comedians…

Kat Atwell, Kristina Hall, Mel Shannon, Sean David and Chrissie Hodges!

Our Outstanding Sponsors…

Mental Health Center of Denver, Regis University & Regis Neighborhood Health, Highlands Behavorial Health System and Sandstone Care!!

And THANK YOU to ALL to attended, supported, or donated to the event!

Without you, this event would just not be possible!

Watch MHAB2017 Videos

2nd Annual Mental Health Art Benefit 2017 Video #1

2nd Annual Mental Health Art Benefit 2017 Video #2

See you next year! #MHAB2018