Navigating the Perfect Storm of Mental Health Hiring

Written by Dani Rice, Co-Founder, Empowered Partnerships & RPO Colorado
The Mental Health Industry is faced with some of the toughest recruiting challenges in history.
New team members need the right education, license or certification as well as experience. In addition, they need specific exposure to the correct patient population and disorders. Finally they need the correct personality to fit the Consumers and the team as a whole.
2. Organizations have understaffed, overworked and burned out teams. 
Unfilled positions requires the team to work overtime to provide additional coverage eventually burning out the team. Employees who are unwilling to keep up with the pace, find positions at other companies. The results make the situation worse and add to the recruiting challenge overall.
3. A vast network of highly communicative job seekers.

Job seekers share their experiences with friends and co-workers, especially any frustrating experiences. Bad experiences from peers results in qualified Job Seekers not even applying to the perfect job.

It’s a perfect storm…

Not enough job seekers, not enough staff and a branding issue, it all compiles into a Recruitment nightmare.

Empowered Partnerships believes it’s time for a change.

Empowered Partnerships is here to serve you in the same way you serve your Consumers. Taking care of the organizations needs, by providing you with data to help drive key decisions. This is a truly customized approach to addressing individual challenges in the market.
Therefore, Empowered Partnerships is proud to present RPO Colorado, a National Recruitment Process Outsourcing and Consulting service. This outsourcing service is dedicated solely to the Mental Health Industry.
This unique approach to Recruitment provides the best opportunity to find the top Job Seeker for roles within organizations and provides solutions to problems. This way, Organizations can get back to the business of taking care of the Consumers.
It’s time for a change and a unique approach to navigating the Perfect Storm.
Empowered Partnerships & RPO Colorado is here to help.

Dani Rice, Co-Founder
Chief Mental Health Employer Solutions Provider
Mental & Behavioral Health Recruitment Outsourcing & Consulting Firm
Board Member, Colorado Mental Wellness Network
Proud Members of the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI)