Non-Profits-to-Know: Colorado Mental Wellness Network

Who is Colorado Mental Wellness Network (CMWN) and what do they do?

CMWN is a peer-led organization for mental wellness advocacy and education, and Peer Support Specialist certification.  They believe in recovery for ALL people!



From the CMWN’s website:

We are a state-wide, grassroots, peer-run organization that seeks to provide opportunities for individuals to improve the quality of their lives, give back to their communities, and change public perceptions of mental illness. We do this by providing whole-person wellness education to people who are building a lifestyle of recovery. In order to spread this message further, we also advocate for person-centered care in traditional healthcare settings.

We help those who are successfully living in recovery and wish to give back to their communities by training them to become Peer Support Specialists and wellness planning workshop facilitators. In fact, we are the only peer-run mental health organization that provides Peer Support Specialist certification courses.

Finally, we serve as a voice for individuals with mental health conditions and offer hope that recovery is possible. We advocate for health-care policy that benefits consumers above all others and call attention to legislation that is oppressive, discriminatory, or lacking in evidence. We also openly share our stories of illness and recovery to break the silence and defeat stereotypes. Most importantly, we train others to join us in this mission through advocacy workshops and webinars.

Put simply, we want to create a mentally well Colorado, one unique person at a time.


CMWN has multiple programs focused around Peer Support which empower individuals looking to become Peer Support Specialists and progress awareness about the demonstrable successes of Peer Support programs.

Peer Support Specialists or Peer Support Coaches are everyday individuals in recovery from mental health and/or substance use disorders. To use their experience to help others early in recovery, they have gone through a special training program to grow their social-emotional support, advocacy, and teaching skills and have qualified for peer support employment through a certification exam.

Watch this quick video to learn more…


CMWN is also championing a very progressive initiative, known as Mental Health Equality in the Workplace.



The Mental Health Equality in the Workplace campaign is a special initiative which promotes and teaches organizations of all sizes and shapes to recognize and encourage mental health equality among their workforce.

In more recent years, the need for mental health equality in society has become a greater concern for communities and our nation as a whole.  However, what is lesser known is how it affects company’s bottom line.

20% of American adults live with mental health conditions, which means they are one of the most common chronic health conditions in the United States (CMWN website).

Here is an exert from the Case for Mental Health Equality in the Workplace Campaign’s website…

“The Mental Health Equality in the Workplace Campaign of the Colorado Mental Wellness Network is designed to help workplaces ensure that employees feel safe getting care whether it’s for the “back or the brain“. This campaign is a win win — helping a company’s bottom-line by helping employees to get and stay well. In the short time since it’s launch, we’ve signed up over a dozen companies — one with 1500 employees — because companies want to get better at normalizing mental health care as part of whole health so their employees and their families get and stay well.”

– Pat Bluemthal

Empowered Partnerships has joined the Mental Health Equality in the Workplace Campaign!

We feel strongly that teaming-up is a step in the right direction for all companies and employees.

We are very proud to be part of this campaign!


Looking for more information?  Interested in volunteering?

You can find out more about CMWN here on their website: