Licensed or Non-Licensed Clinician in Montrose (Relocation)


TITLE: Transition Specialist

(Licensed OR Non-Licensed)

LOCATION: Montrose, CO (Must be local to Montrose OR Open to Swift Relocation)
STATUS: Full-time, Employee (NOT A CONTRACT)
TRAVEL: 25-50% (travel within Montrose and Grand Junction) – the remaining time you will be working from your home in Montrose or the surrounding areas
SCHEDULE: Monday through Friday, 8AM-5PM

COMPENSATION: Our compensation package includes:

  • $46,000-$65,000 Annual Base Salary PLUS
  • Excellent Medical & Dental Insurance Benefits
  • 401k with Matching
  • 20 days of PTO per year (Yep, that’s 4 weeks starting off!)
  • 9 Paid Holidays per year
  • Mileage Reimbursement
  • Company Credit Card for Expenses
  • Paid Rental Car

***You are Not an Island – This person will operate as part of a larger team! ***

***Opportunities for Advancement! ***

***Top Notch Training! ***


SUMMARY: The Transition Specialist in Northwest Colorado will work from his/her primary residence as part the Mental Health Institute Transition Services Program, along with the other team members of Transition Specialists, and managing to the terms of the contract with the State of Colorado for Transition Services with the mental health institutes (MHI). This position maintains responsibility for collaborating with the MHIs and providers throughout the State of Colorado.The Transition Services program focuses on the re-entry of difficult to place individuals residing at the mental health institutes to return to their home communities and facilitate community reintegration and to manage the wraparound services which are not otherwise supported with insurance or other funding sources for persons transitioning from the two state mental health institutes and Assisted Living Residences (ALR).


REQUIREDLPC, LCSW, LMFT, PSYD or LAC (OR) must be on track to receive licensure within one (1) year.
REQUIRED – Masters level education
REQUIRED – Minimum one (1) year real-world work experience
Ability to self-manage and work autonomously
Bilingual in Spanish a plus



  • Responsible for increasing service capacity to more seamlessly address the service needs of those individuals who have been committed/certified/ or are voluntarily receiving emergency stabilization behavioral health treatment services.
  • Meet face-to-face with referred individuals while they are in the care of the two Colorado Mental Health Institutes, which may be accomplished through electronic/video technologies.
  • Accompany the individual for his/her initial meeting with the Community Mental Health Center (CMHC), or other service provider who will be providing care in the community.
  • Carry out Transition Specialist responsibilities to assist clients and communities in managing the transition from hospitalization to less restrictive alternatives, employing a wraparound services approach.
  • Meet with the Transition Services Manager on a monthly basis.
  • Develop, monitor, update, and follow policies and procedures to address Transition Services issues pursuant to the MHI contract.
  • The behavioral health transition specialists will assist clients in accessing services and also assist clients and communities in benefit acquisition, coordinating various services and funding sources, identifying and strengthening formal and informal community resources, and mobilizing helping networks
  • Ensure effective communication and meaningful reporting of performance measures to key stakeholders.
  • Identify and report to the manager on team activities and issues that may adversely impact the delivery of services under the contract.
  • Collect, maintain, report, analyze and trend data on performance measures, and data collection methods, to demonstrate effectiveness of Transition Specialists in achieving improved patient outcomes as identified within the MHI contract.
  • Establish, update, disseminate, monitor, and ensure compliance with the MHI contract.
  • Coordinate continuity of care with local providers, communities, and Behavioral Health Organizations (BHOs) and Regional Care Collaborative Organizations (RCCOs).
  • Coordinate with all 17 CMHCs, and particularly with all Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Teams.
  • Work with the Division of Housing in the Colorado Department of Local Affairs and their local contractors to apply for appropriate housing vouchers when needed, and support individuals in locating, applying for, and attaining a housing rental.
  • Coordinate with the individuals’ BHO and RCCO (if applicable) for needed behavioral health and physical health care needs.
  • Facilitate benefit acquisition for indigent individuals who are eligible for Medicaid.
  • Identify and coordinate the purchase of needed wraparound services in local communities when such services are not supported by Medicaid, Office of Behavioral Health Indigent mental health funding, or other means.
  • Coordinate with regional Crisis Stabilization Units, nursing homes, and ALR facilities.
  • Provide for and support the successful community engagement of persons referred by the Colorado Mental Health Institutes to the Continuity of Care with Transition Specialist Program, throughout the State of Colorado, beginning 30 days prior to their discharge from the institutes and for up to 60 days after their return to their communities.
  • Complete paperwork as required; Ensure that patient contact is documented, allowing adequate time for same-day documentation of patient interaction. Writes and submits reports in a timely manner.