Our Recruiting Process Secrets REVEALED

So You Think Your Hiring Process Game is Strong

Being lifetime recruiting industry veterans, we have seen it all. 

The stellar makes-you-want-to-not-just-work-but-live-there kind of hiring techniques…  

The so bad you-wouldn’t-wish-it-on-your-worst-adversary bad hiring strategies…


Most companies have some variation of a standard process they use when finding and hiring new talent.  Very few companies, however, consider this process as something they consistently need to be reevaluating. 

How often?  All… the… time. 

The employment industry is like a pendulum swing back and forth, always in motion and ever changing.  So should your recruitment and hiring strategies.  Today, we find ourselves in a very, very candidate-driven market (or in a “candidate market” as we say in the biz).  This means, job seekers have their pick of the litter and the most attractive candidates become all the more difficult to attract or retain. 

Exactly why it is mission critical your hiring game is strong.


This is how we do it.

The Kick-Off: When we begin work on any new position, it is critical that we have a conversation to kick-off the position with the internal recruiter and/or hiring manager for the role.  During this conversation, we dive in-depth into the ins and outs of the opportunity, the team makeup, offerings, etc.  The purpose is for us to walk away with a clear profile of the professional you are seeking.  For us, this means much more than just the literal requirements for the role. 

Whenever possible, we also greatly prefer to tour the facility the candidates would be working to get a true feel for the team, culture, environment, etc. 

JD Redo: Its nothing personal, we just what we do all day long.  When you have seen as many job descriptions as we have, you know what works and what doesn’t.  This is also an area that is always changing, and you should always be researching the effectiveness of your postings.  After all, potential applicants can only work with what you give them, so you better make it good.

We have access to the most progressive analytical tools to examine the description you have and then modify it to most efficiently attract the exact type of professional you are looking for.  The description is customized to reflect the most appealing keywords, language and overall picture of the position.  We can even tell you if your job description is written to attract more females than males! 

The Hunt: This is where it gets juicy!  Once we have our profile, recruiting can begin the real work.

Over the years, we have consistently worked very diligently to develop and maintain a pristine database of active and passive job seekers.  This is almost always the first stop we make.  Not only are we sharing the opportunity with potential candidates we have already fully-vetted for your job, we are also looking for leads on companies we may be able to target or other professionals our network can give us a warm introduction to. 

Passive candidate recruiting (or PCR) is one of those buzz words companies like to throw out there all the time.  But who is actually doing it and who is just blowing smoke?  And sending out mass generalized templated inmails on LinkedIn doesn’t count.

Most recruiters have the lower-level recruiting account that only gives you 30 inmails in an entire month.  Even if they were only working on your single job, we know that strategy isn’t as likely to work just by the numbers. 

Our PCR process revolves around being industry experts and highly-connected within the market.  Myself and EP’s recruiting professional extraordinaire, the amazing Mr. Jon Drogheo, have both recruited in mental/behavioral health alone for the last 5+years on the corporate and agency sides.  We constantly are keeping a strong pulse jobs and job-seeker movement across the country.  We utilize this to our advantage to identify, incite communicate and connect with the exact profile of professional you are looking for who are not actively job-hunting.  95% of recruiter do not do this and again, sending mass templated inmails doesn’t count. 

The Interrogation (just kidding): Once we are connected with a candidate who has expressed interest in your opportunity, we schedule an initial interview with them.  This is commonly known by many of our competitors as a “pre-screen” however we take it a few steps further than that.

In our interview, we cover all hard and soft areas of requirements for the position, including the literal requirements set forth in the job description and the soft prerequisites (personality, culture-fit, team-fit, etc.) necessary to fulfill the profile.  We utilize Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to vet and document our conversations fully.  This ensures each interview covers identical information, making it much simpler for the hiring manager to make a decision later on. 

The Verification, You Are Who You Say You Are, Right: Assuming the initial interview goes well and all proverbial boxes are checked, we move on to the pre-clearing phase.  Here is where we will actively verify with the state all credentials in every state the professional has worked to avoid any issues there down the line.  Often times, this means verifying online and then calling into the state-run agency to gather additional detail, if needed.

Should we discover any restrictions, past grievances, etc. it will be up to the hiring company’s discretion on if/how they would like to move forward with that candidate.

The Sub: Once a candidate has completed all steps in our initial interview and verification process, we compile all the notes we have taken, the KPI, resume and any additional information the hiring manager may find helpful and share it.  It is always 100% full disclosure and, out of respect for our clients, we do not market candidates to multiple companies at once. 


To work with the best, you must be the best yourself.  

This process is standard within all recruiting activity at Empowered Partnerships LLC.  We see it as our honor to provide the same level of high-quality service as the companies we work with. 

If you are interested in scheduling a 15-minute initial consultation with me, please email me directly at alboyle@empowered-partnerships.com.

We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you!