“A relationship between individuals or groups that is characterized by mutual cooperation and responsibility as for the achievement of a specified goal.”

Empowered Partnerships approaches every Client Relationship as a Partnership.

Filling the job is the only goal in traditional “staffing”. The placement drives the income, so the Staffing Agency is driven to make a placement. It encourages the Agency to push their candidate to make the hire.  This is counter-intuitive.

Empowered Partnerships is different.

The end goal is the same. To fill the job.  However, EP recognizes that the goal is greatly complicated by other cultural and  social issues surrounding Clients. This makes it harder and more complicated to accomplish the end goal of filling jobs without addressing these issues.

RPO Colorado addresses these issues head on. It allows EP and the Clients less difficulty with in the hiring process in the long run. Ultimately accomplishing that end goal. To achieve that, EP Agrees to bring forth their expertise to each Partnership with Clients.

Empowered Partnerships Partners with each Client in the following ways:

  • Identify unique challenges (either marketing, recruitment, interviewing, internal challenges etc) of each individual Client and presents challenges in Partner Meetings.
  • Create a customized approach to challenges per the Client’s unique needs.
  • Implement a customized approach around the Client’s specific challenges to begin to see results.
  • Share Transparent Candidate Lists, Client’s unique challenges in the market, approach strategies and progress for each opening through open communication, and regular Partner Meetings throughout the entire process.
  • Create and deliver customized reporting specifically designed around the Client’s unique needs and challenges.
  • Host regular scheduled Partner Meetings with Hiring Managers and Recruiting/HR to ensure open communication.

Empowered Partnerships is Recruiting Outsourcing Firm dedicated to creating a true Partnership with each individual Client, and customizes the approach based off of their unique needs.



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