PBS Series Offers Hope for People With Mental Illness

By Lloyd I. Sederer, MDMedical Editor, Mental Health for The Huffington Post  twitterlogotransparent

April 26, 2016

The growing online documentary film library will take a major step forward, thanks to PBS and The Mental Health Channel.

A 12-part series called Stories of the Mind will begin airing in April and May, commencing with four half-hour shows on depression, veterans, “The Critical Years” (late adolescence and early adulthood), and paths to wellness. I have viewed these four and was so absorbed by them that my wife came and went from my home office without my noticing she was there (I had on earphones; she forgave me).

Each episode features people who have been impacted by the trauma of war, sexual or family abuse, depression, foster care and homelessness — yet who have found inspiring and unexpected ways to manage and success. One episode delivers effective, doable examples of the roads to physical and mental wellbeing. The stories are crisply told, with warmth and candor. The photography for many stories was done out of doors and is like watching National Geographic. This is first class filming and first class narrative combined. Harry Lynch, the founder and managing director of The Mental Health Channel, a nonprofit funded online channel, hosts each episode and provides links between the stories as well as a personal connection to the viewer. He is even a “consumer” of the wellness offerings and he looks thinner and better over time for them. He has the considerable good fortune, as well, of having Julie Almendral as the channel’s Senior Producer.