Holiday Fundraiser – Denver Police Officer ‘Thank You’ Gift Bags


This year, Empowered Partnerships will not be holding our annual Mental Health Art Benefit.

I know… I’m sad too, but the timeline just won’t work out for EP this year.

However, instead of doing a big fundraiser event, EP wants to give back in a different way.  For Christmas 2017, EP will be creating and giving away 1800 Gift Bags to the Denver County Police Department! 

Yep, 1800 Gift Bags!

We’re currently looking for companies and individuals who would like to help us sponsor these gifts!  Gifts of ALL sizes are appreciated!

As a thank you to YOU for your donation, all gift bags will include a list of all the names of people/organizations that participated in giving!


If you would like to make a donation on behalf of your company or your family, please donate here and include the exact name you would like included on the ‘thank you’ cards.

PLEASE NOTE: Empowered Partnerships is NOT a 501C3, so we are not able to provide you with a donation tax form.  However, you name/company name will be listed on a ‘Thank You’ card that will go in every bag given so the professionals who have devoted their lives to the betterment of our community will know who supported the cause.