Preparing For The Technology Revolution Created By Artificial Intelligence



Artificial Intelligence will soon bring on another technological revolution, where machines may take your job and shake up the economy in the process.


Drones are being used in warfare; Google, Tesla, and other companies are working on self-driving cars; and robots are designed to be superb conversationalists (similar to reality painted in the movie ‘Her’).

On KPCB’s latest episode of Ventured, I spoke with Jerry Kaplan, author of Humans Need Not Apply, and John Markoff, author of Machines of Loving Grace, about their views of the benefits and consequences of artificial intelligence. We talked about the impact of artificial intelligence and its effect on society, as well as ways to design machines so humans aren’t left out of the decision making process.

Machine Learning Can Solve Problems That Humans Can’t
Thanks to the advancement of faster computers and the ability to compute large amounts of data, machine learning has evolved over the years. Machines can extract order out of large data sets replacing humans in the medical and legal fields.

Is AI Really A Threat?
The Future of Life Institute was set up by Elon Musk with a $10M grant to ensure that AI is used for good as concerns grow around the ethical risks of designing machines that replace human operators. As seen with weapon systems, AI is being used to solve problems, but the technology itself isn’t self-aware.