Psychologists Confirm that Yes, You Really are Being Made Physically Ill by Election Uncertainty

WRITTEN BY Georgia Frances King

November 8, 2016

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Forehead sweats? Racing heart? Clammy palms?

Unfortunately for opponents of Donald Trump, the US election results just got interesting. Despite expectations that favored Hillary Clinton, the US presidential election results are looking more and more unreal—but they’re still having very real psychological and physiological effects.

For those hoping for a Clinton victory, this is coming as a surprise. And psychology shows that it is sometimes better for us to be pessimistic from the start rather than suddenly thrown into the realm of uncertainty. The illusion of hope is more anxiety-inducing that the certainty of failure.

Just take a look at this gif from the New York Times’ live presidential forecast meter, and try not to panic:

Please click the link to view the forecast meter…