Reaching Patients Far and Wide with Telepsychiatry & EPTU

These days, medicine and psychiatry are becoming much more technically progressive.  With the introduction of telemedicine and smartphone, individuals facing crisis or mental health issues with one push of the screen-button, can now easily and very quickly access a physician via the phone or internet.

Through telemedicine, providers can reach patients in rural areas and within a much wider radius than before.  Really, if you think about it, it makes that circle unlimited.

This is leaving private practice owners wondering how are they going to keep up?  It’s almost impossible to generate the numbers of mental-health providers to get where we need to go, so it’s time to look at things qualitatively.

Traditionally, providers have been more on the hesitant side to integrate telemedicine and telepsychiatry into their [practice.  Most often times this is due to cost, a reluctance toward being dependent on technology and a fear that those potential technology issues could result in malpractice issues.

Personally, I’ve worked directly with private practice owners in the past helping them develop additional streams of income into their practice.  I know exactly how difficult it can be to grow your practice base when you just want to focus on best serving your patients.

“We are more than just a company”

With our never-ending interest in solving such problems, Empowered Partnerships LLC has come up with a solution and has created EPTU.

Empowered Partnerships LLC’s Telepsychiatry Unit (EPTU) is the very first all Staffing-Focused Telepsychiatry Unit devoted to connecting Providers with Patients!  This division of the company will be solely devoted to providing support to crisis response networks across Colorado and nationally.

Mental & Behavioral health professionals will be able to opt to work a certain schedule and through our interview process, will be matched with telemedicine projects.

Our unit will consist of licensed professionals: Psychiatrists, PMHNPs, RNs, LPCs, LCSWs, LMFTs, PSYDs, CACs, etc. with direct prior experience working in mental health facilities.  All participants are pre-vetted by Empowered Partnerships and will operate as contractors working for Empowered Partnerships.  We do this so when a client has a need, we can select the right individuals for the project quickly and easily… and equally as important, we can advocate for and protect our employees in all employment situations.  Professionals must have the ability and be open to work in a remote capacity depending on the requirements of the project (both from your home office and out of one of our client’s office locations).

All those who opt to participate in the program will be asked to complete a simple checklist verifying licensure, past mental health experience and your ability to be employed on either a part-time or full-time basis.  You will tell us your schedule and availability!

EPTU is a 100% FREE service for all Job-Seekers!

To Participate in EPTU, you must at a minimum…

  • Possess active Colorado licensure without restriction. This is REQUIRED to participate in EPTU.  Sorry, no exceptions.
  • Possess a valid driver’s license.
  • Have a home office set up including a reliable computer, internet service and access to a phone.


If you are a licensed mental health professional in the state of Colorado,

we want to hear from you!

Fill out the EPTU form below…

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We are anticipating a huge response!  Contact us NOW!


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