Reblog Worth Reading: 1 in 5 employees are unsatisfied with their mental healthcare provider, survey says




Dive Brief

  • A new survey by ConsumerMedical, a clinical advocacy company, found that many employees struggle with finding adequate behavioral health services for themselves and their families. The company polled 1,000 employees in companies with 500 or more employees.
  • The survey found that nearly 50% of all U.S. employees have experienced a mental health problem themselves or with a family member in the past year, yet employees waited an average of three weeks to see a service provider in their initial search for help. One in five workers wasn’t satisfied with the behavioral health provider they selected.
  • The results also showed that almost half of employees polled said that searching for a qualified mental health service provider distracted them on the job; one in five employees didn’t find their employee assistance program (EAP) useful; and more than 72% workers with mental health issues said their condition lowered their productivity.


Dive Insight:

Many employers have recognized how widespread mental health issues are among workers, adding behavioral health services to their wellness programs.

Negative stigma around mental health still persists despite a general recognition of the problem socially, but employers can help workers by exhibiting empathy and directing them towards resources.

The EAP is still a valuable resource for workers. Many specialize in mental health services, as well as financial services, which can cause workers undue stress. Employers have a clear business incentive to direct workers efficiently to these services, too.


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