Recruiting With A Purpose

“We are not just a company; we are a CAUSE.”

– Ashley Lane McKelvey, CIR, Co-Founder and Talent Expert at Empowered Partnerships

Empowered Partnerships is a Recruiting organization, dedicated to the Mental and Behavioral Health industry, and as Ashley Lane McKelvey, Co-Founder and Talent Expert, stated, “We are not just s company; we are a CAUSE.”

There are many choices when it comes to staffing companies these days and they are not all created equal.  Empowered Partnerships is a company which was built on being experts in the staffing and recruiting industry, but with a passion for the Mental and Behavioral Health industry, which is why they solely work within that industry.

From Community Mental Health organizations, to private practice and even Telepsychiatry, Empowered Partnerships is dedicated to the industry, understands the unique recruitment needs for their client partners, and focuses on continually advocating for the industry.WalksLogoBlueStacked

As members of the National Alliance for Mental Illness, the EP Executive Team is continually striving to help end the stigma of Mental Health, by raising money and volunteering with NAMI as well as the Colorado Mental Wellness Network, and other Mental Health organizations.

There are many staffing companies in the industry who profess to understand the industry, but Empowered Partnerships recognizes that in order to truly serve the industry, and those who work in it, they must be focused and dedicated to the industry in it’s entirety.

Empowered Partnerships offers personalized and scalable services to step far beyond the normal expectations for a traditional staffing company. This includes driving positive change around the hiring process, and helping build and raise brand awareness for organizations with their potential candidate pool.

Empowered Partnerships is truly not just a company…we are a cause!

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