Let’s Compare, Shall We: RPO vs. Contingent Staffing

When most people think about staffing agencies, they immediately think of contingent staffing. 


A big fat chunky fee (a percentage of the person’s base salary) due all at once for services rendered.  

In 2016, the national average contingent staffing fee in healthcare was 18%.  Within mental health hiring today, I suspect today it’s closer to 20% with the top end being around 25%.  

Now lets say you have 4 people to hire at an average of $65,000.00 salary each, that means your forking out $13,000.00 (at 20%) for each hire making your total to $52,000.00 for those 4 contingent placements. 

If the same hiring company were working under Empowered Partnerships’ RPO model (for example), they would have been able to hire up to 10 people for about $10,000.00 LESS than they paid for those 4.


Are you starting to see the difference?

It’s time we created a model with certain benefits that work for companies of all sizes and levels of hiring needs. 

A staffing model that…

  • Lowers the cost-per-hire to a 3rd the average cost.
  • Provides a tested and proven process with a concentrated pool of warm candidates.
  • Gives the hiring company data, analytics and reporting on hiring for their particular positions in real-time. 
  • Spreads out the cost over time in a regular, fixed amount.
  • Allows a hiring company to hire on needs in a scalable way.
  • Creates an improved and seamless candidate experience.
  • And that’s just the beginning…


Recruitment Process Outsourcing is not just about the end result; it’s about the process.  

And you actually get a better end result, as well.

Companies looking to hire mental and behavioral health professionals find themselves stuck in a very difficult hiring situation.

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They are starting off in a candidate-driven market, where job seekers know they are in high demand.  Then narrow that pool down to the qualified mental/behavioral health professionals, where hiring companies are trying to find a balance between the massive gap between the low supply of industry professionals and the ever-growing demand for them.  You get the picture. 

It’s time to call in the experts.  

No matter if you are planning on hiring 1 or 100 mental health or behavioral health professionals this year, RPO is a option to be considered.  The benefits are just too great to ignore. 

It is the goal of Empowered Partnerships’ RPO program to make our clients the Employer of Choice in their market.  Every step of the way, we have found a way to streamline the process, anticipate needs, and make working with a recruitment outsourcing firm more simple than ever.


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Ashley Lane Boyle

Empowered Partnerships LLC






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