RPO vs. Traditional Staffing Model = RPO WINS Every Time

When most people think of hiring agencies, they think staffing.  It’s time for the old staffing model of being in competition with your own client to change.

In the traditional “staffing model” we are all competing against each other to find the selected candidate.  A company hires a staffing firm who works on a fee paid to them only if they find the selected candidate to fill the job while the hiring company also works to find the candidate who is selected to fill the job.  Doesn’t make much sense, does it.

EP has rethought this model and flipped it on its head.  We are a Recruitment Process Outsourcing firm.  This means we work TOGETHER with our clients to find the right candidates for the role. It’s a true partnership, and one that is beneficial for the hiring company, EP and the Job-Seekers.

RPO vs. Tradition Staffing Model
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Simple Pricing Model

Pricing is set up front and scheduled in 6-12 monthly installments.  There are no surprises and the monthly fee can be easily budgeted by the Client Partners.  No more paying in one bulk payment; clients have the option to spread out the payments which make them easier for companies to work into their budgets.  Simple, Easy and Clear.

Weekly Partner Briefs

Each client has the opportunity to participate in a quick weekly scheduled call with Empowered Partnerships to ensure there is, at a minimum, communication once per week to gain feedback on candidates, updates on open jobs and prepare for future openings, anticipate changes, identify areas of process improvement etc.  We call these phone calls “Briefs” because, well, they are meant to be to the point and easy to fit into anyone’s schedule.  People today are busier than ever, and these quick, weekly touch calls are helpful to make sure everyone is on the same page and driving in the right direction.

Customized Reporting

Each Client Partner has unique needs and challenges they’re addressing. Therefore, EP provides some standard reports, but also offers customized reports for each organization to address their specific needs. These reports are produced weekly and discussed at the weekly meetings to ensure they are as useful as possible, and provide information to the Client Partner that is valuable and helps make powerful changes if needed.

Credentialing Assistance

Empowered Partnerships understands the specific needs for the Mental and Behavioral health community and respects the specific credentialing requirements needed.  EP provides customized assistance to Credentialing Departments of their Partners to help with their process and to prepare candidates throughout the interview process to be prepared for the Credentialing documents they will need to provide.  We pride ourselves on being unbiased in our tactics to offer our clients the fairest and clear-cut representation of references, licensure and certification verifications and background checks in a timely manner.

Simple Invoicing

EP invoices once per month on a regular pre-set date so there are no surprises.  The invoices are simple and easy to understand with each invoice customized to the Client Partners’ agreement.  Depending upon your company’s specific requirements, Empowered Partnerships is able to adjust and customize the invoices to your needs.


It is our goal to make our clients the “Employer of Choice”!  Every step of the way, Empowered Partnerships has found a way to streamline the process, anticipate needs, and make working with a Recruiting Outsourcing Firm easier than ever.

We look forward to working with you!

To request more information or schedule a consultation with Empowered Partnerships, contact us directly here through our website here.

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