RPO Colorado: A Fresh Approach to Recruiting in Healthcare

Written by Dani Rice, Co-Founder & Chief Mental Health Employer Solutions Provider

Mental & Behavioral Health Organizations across the country are looking for Employees that are the best fit. Companies must consider fit with the Company, the Team and the Consumers. The challenges within the industry make finding this fit difficult. Therefore, the industry requires a new and fresh approach to help both the Job Seekers and the Employers find a great match.

Welcome RPO Colorado

Fresh Approach to Recruiting

Created specifically for the unique needs of the Mental & Behavioral Health industry, RPO Colorado is a fresh approach to find the best people for job openings as quickly as possible.  Empowered Partnerships understands that speed is of the essence when it comes to hiring.

Empowered Partnerships is driven  find top Job Seekers for their Clients as quickly as possible.

It’s what we do.

Finding great Job Seekers for top Companies can’t be done in a vacuum, it must be done as a partnership in conjunction with the Organization and their team. The relationship can’t be one sided if it’s meant to make a real difference.

Empowered Partnerships understands the needs of the Mental & Behavioral Industry. Contact Us today to learn more.