The Self-Employed without Insurance Benefits

For a Contractor or someone who works for themselves, the working world looks just a little bit different.  Often times, they have opted to not have the relative safety, structure and consistency of a direct employee, such as insurance, 401K, etc.

It’s no secret, finding health insurance for yourself is a big headache.  Some fortunate freelancers are fortunate enough to have an insured partner with an employer who offers family coverage.  Sure your spouse will pay a higher premium for family coverage, but it will still be less than an individual policy.

For many Americans who would like to consider working independently, frankly it’s a roadblock.  I’ve been there.  They spiritedly talk of following their passion and finding their dream job, or starting their own business, but the thought of losing health benefits stops them cold.  It’s a huge hurdle when you consider that starting over in new field will generally require a pay cut, at least initially.

Today, an estimated 42+ million people — that’s about a third of the entire American work force– are technically their own boss.  Myself and my business partner are two of them.

For these individuals, we applaud you!  Way to go for it!

Because we have been in those shoes, it’s extraordinarily important for us as a company to be able to support those professionals who find themselves in a similar situation, looking to gain insurance benefits for themselves and/or their families.

That’s why ALL contractors who work more than thirty hours per week (or part-time) with us, gain access to FULL medical benefits!

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Through Kaiser, we are able to…

  • All Contractors working 30+ hours/week are able to begin receiving benefits after 90 days of employment.
  • Empowered Partnerships LLC contributes a % of the cost to pay for part of your healthcare plan!  Depending on you choose, we pay up to 75% of the monthly premium!
  • Your choice of top doctors– You can choose and change your doctor anytime.
  • Personalized care- All your specialists are connected via EHR, so they can all work together to best manage your health!
  • Everything under one roof– Get access to a wide variety of services
  • Online access– Anytime, anywhere get access to your care from your computer of phone
  • Contractors receive this in addition to 3 days of sick leave per year while on contract.


Interested in working with us?

Check out our Active Opportunities anytime online through the LINK HERE.  We look forward to working with you!


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