Sharon Osbourne Opens Up About Her Mental Breakdown

Sharon Osbourne Opens Up About Her Mental Breakdown: ‘I Didn’t Have Strength to Say I Need Help’

Written by Karen Mizoguchi on September 15, 2016

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Earlier this week she revealed she had a mental breakdown, and nowSharon Osbourne is opening up about what happened.

“I had given up. I just couldn’t deal,” she told Access Hollywood‘s Natalie Morales. “At a very low point in my life, I was very frightened about what was going on with me mentally and the thoughts that were going into my head constantly.”

On Monday’s episode of The Talk, Osbourne, 63, addressed her five-week emergency leave of absence from the CBS daytime show, sharing that her family had put her in a facility.

“These thoughts coming into my head and pictures and people’s faces and I couldn’t control my head, but I couldn’t verbalize it,” Osbourne recalled. “I just didn’t have the strength to even say I need help, help me because I just couldn’t talk I was just flat, gone.”


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