Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

The Mental Health Industry is Exhausted

Written by Dani RiceCo-Founder & Chief Mental Health Employer Solutions Provider, Empowered Partnerships

The mental health industry is exhausted

Recruitment Teams and Hiring Managers in the Mental Health Industry are exhausted.

…flat out tired.

  • Tired of watching organizations fight over qualified Job Seekers.
  • Tired of overworked staff due to openings staying open for far too long.
  • Tired of seeing Job Seekers have negative experiences with organizations during the hiring process.
  • Tired of watching top Organizations lose their top Job Seeker because they didn’t move fast enough.

But that’s about to change.

In response to demand, Empowered Partnerships created RPO Colorado, a Recruitment Process Outsourcing service solely dedicated to Mental & Behavioral Health organizations; a customized, unique solution to recruitment challenges.

This is not the typical “staffing service.”  In fact, it’s nothing like it.

RPO Colorado was created with the unique recruiting challenges in the Mental Health Industry in mind.

  • Work directly with Mental Health recruiting experts to find the top job seekers nationwide
  • Learn about their unique place in the market
  • Understand the internal challenges within their companies
  • Serve their consumers through the talents of their best team

Empowered Partnerships’ RPO Colorado is a true partner to Organizations where by Organizations outsource a certain number of openings to Empowered Partnerships. Empowered Partnerships ensures the openings are filled with the best individual.

RPO Colorado provides a cost effective, customized recruitment solution for the industry, and Organizations can expect the following:

First, instead of a per hire fee, Organizations have a flat monthly fee for a 6-month or 1-year term which doesn’t change depending on the opening.

In addition, Organizations receive personalized recruitment and consulting service from the EP Owners, and access to expert interviewers who will interview and screen all qualified job seekers, no matter their source.

Finally, there are weekly partnership meetings to discuss:

  • Challenges in the market
  • Customized reports detailing data pertinent to the role and the company
  • Feedback on Job Seekers to promote continued communication

Gaining access to one of the largest job-seeker pools within the Mental Health Industry, Organizations also benefit in Empowered Partnerships top of the line networking to maintain engagement of top job seekers to continue to peak their interest in the opening.

With constant communication between Hiring Managers, the Recruitment Team, and the Job Seekers, Empowered Partnerships ensures no one is in the dark.

RPO Colorado is the solution for forward-thinking Mental Health Organizations.  Our clients are done being sick and tired of the Recruitment Challenges in the market and ready for a real solution!

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Dani Rice, Co-Founder & Chief Mental Health Employer Solutions Provider



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