SIGN THE PETITION: National Mental Health Professional’s Day (May 20th)

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Help create a National Mental Health Professional’s Day, May 20th!

Mental health is a growing industry, yet somehow many still consider it to be a fairly unimportant component to our overall health.  Thankfully, this is changing and the long-standing stigma surrounding mental health and wellness is finally breaking down.  With this change, we have begun to better recognize the many professionals who dedicate their lives and careers to the betterment of others; going through bachelor’s and master’s degrees, earning licensures and certifications, on non-profit salaries, while also often working numerous volunteer hours within their community for the betterment of the cause.  It is truly amazing and important lives these professionals lead.

We feel it’s time we created a day dedicated to say ‘Thank You’ to a group of professionals who so rarely receive thanks and praise in their work.

Each year, on May 20th, communities and organizations will have the opportunity to celebrate and offer ‘thanks’ to these professionals for all the amazing work they do!  Employers and Supervisors will also have the opportunity to arrange events to show their appreciation of the work carried out by mental health professionals, to highlight their importance to the organization and to enhance their work-related skills.  It is a small way to demonstrate the gratitude and appreciation their individual communities has for them.

It is our ultimate goal to have this day widely observed in many workplaces in the United States and other countries around the world.

Please join us and sign the petition to help make this day a reality! 

Thank you for your support!





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