Simplifying the Recruitment Process

EmpoweredPartnershipsSimplifying the Process of RecruitmentWith over 20 years of combined experience in the Recruitment and Staffing industry, Ashley Lane McKelvey and Dani Rice are determined to simplify the process of Recruitment. There are a lot of ways that staffing companies operate, and between the two owners, they’ve seen them all and have made some strategic changes to the way Empowered Partnerships (EP) operates to ensure the process is simple, easy and a true partnership between EP and the Client Partners.

6 Month Trial

Right from the beginning, EP does something different….they work with Clients to make sure they’re a good fit for each other.

“There’s nothing worse than forcing a relationship, and starting off with a 6 month trial contract is a terrific opportunity for us to learn about how the Client Partner works, and for them to learn about us! This helps to see if a partnership will be beneficial for both parties.”

~Dani Rice, Co-Founder and Client Deliver Expert.

During this initial 6 months, EP partners with the organization, learns their process, makes recommendations of branding opportunities as well as determines if it’s a good fit. Once that 6 months is over, Empowered Partnerships reviews the ROI for both parties, and determines if it’s a good long term partnership for everyone.

Quick Weekly Partner Calls

Each Client Partner has a quick weekly scheduled call with Empowered Partnerships to ensure there is communication once per week to gain feedback on candidates, update on open jobs and prepare for future openings.  People today are busier than ever, and these quick, weekly touch calls are helpful to make sure everyone is driving in the right direction.

“Some companies just want a vendor, where they say Jump and the vendor says “how high?”. That’s not Empowered Partnerships. We partner with our Client Partners, and meet with them weekly, so we can help anticipate needs, identify areas of process improvement and we can be a true extension of their recruiting efforts. Our Client Partners don’t need to say “Jump” we’ve already prepared for it.” ~Dani Rice

Simple Pricing

Pricing is set up front, and there are no surprise or hidden fees. Prices are outlined within the contract, and special offers and discounts are offered to Client Partners only.

Background Check, Credentialing & Drug Testing

Empowered Partnerships understands the specific needs for the Mental and Behavioral health community, and respects the specific credentialing requirements needed. All contract/PRN candidates are thoroughly background checked and credentialed along with the requirements of the individual Client Partner. If needed drug testing is available. EP also provides customized assistance to the Credentialing Departments of their Partners for Direct Hire roles as well. This is all included with the price and not an additional fee.

Online Time Card

EP contractors find it very easy to log their time every week, they just hop online and add their time! These time cards are simple and easy to approve for the Client Partners, and deliver timely, regular invoicing.

Simple, easy to understand, Invoicing

EP invoices once a week and the invoices are simple and easy to understand. Each invoice is customized to the Client Partner’s needs and organized by department, team name or even by individual contractor or placement. Depending on your needs, Empowered Partnerships is able to adjust and customize the invoices to your needs.

Every step of the way, Empowered Partnerships has found a way to streamline the process, anticipate needs, and make working with a Recruiting organization easier than ever.