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    “As a physician mytime really is limited.  I was really impressed with how simple they madethe process.  We hired a difficult position much quicker than expected andI’m very pleased with the quality of candidates we were introduced to throughEmpowered Partnerships.” 


  • “Working withEmpowered Partnerships, you feel you have partners working with you every stepof the way. I would highly recommend Empowered Partnership for anyone lookingfor a job in mental health.”


    “From the firstinterview to the last step in the process, they communicated with me and helpedme feel comfortable and supported! I couldn’t have gained my new role withoutthem!”


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    “Excellent recruitersfrom top to bottom.”


    “I got emails andcalls updating me on what was going on throughout the process. The recruitercould not have been nicer. They were with me through the whole process and whenwe ran into a problem, my recruiter worked with me to make sure all the detailswere worked out.”


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