Things to Know about the Training Needed for Social Work Jobs

Social Worker Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner JobsSocial work can be broadly defined as a professional field that encompasses a very wide range of professionals who serve people suffering from various types of problems, including psychological and physical challenges, social or more practical difficulties. The education required for occupying social worker positions is usually very complex – here are some things that you should know about if you are planning to seek employment as a social worker:

  • Diplomas – the minimum education requirement for social worker jobs is usually a bachelor’s degree in social work, but in many cases, diplomas in psychology, sociology and other, similar fields are also accepted for entry level positions. For more advanced positions like psychiatric nurse practitioner jobs Massachusetts area, most states require candidates to carry a master’s degree in social work;
  • Licensure – social workers are also required to obtain a license to be allowed to practice. First-time social workers are usually required to obtain an initial license. After having practiced for a specific amount of time and having obtained sufficient field experience, social workers may obtain a master’s license. After even more experience and after having completed a set of standardized exams, master social workers may become licensed clinical social workers, this type of licensure being a full professional license.