Spreading Awareness at the 2016 Tribute Gala with Mental Health Colorado


We had a fantastic time at the 2016 Tribute Gala, Unmasked!!

Mental Health Colorado did an incredible job bringing together so many professionals, advocates and organizations to spread awareness of the many issues still surrounding mental health care.

We heard some awe-inspiring stories shared and tears were shed.  Silent and live auctions took place with incredible items to bid on!

Debbie Stafford, former State Representative and Faith-based Coordinator with Aurora Mental Health Center, ROCKED the stage as one of the absolute BEST Auctioneers I’ve ever seen!

A special thank you to the Guest Speaker, Tyrone Braxton former Denver Broncos and current Clinical Case Manager with mental Health center of Denver, for sharing your incredible journey with us!

I was fortune enough to bid and won the opportunity to pay for a 1-Night Suicide Prevention Class to be put on by Mental Health Colorado.

I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to contribute!


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