Staying on Top of Training for Mental Health Jobs

Mental healthcare is a vast field of healthcare, with employment in many different areas and at many different levels. What all these jobs have in common, though, is the extensive training and the ongoing, life-long learning process, even though education and training are as diverse and the fields of employment.

The people employed in mental health counselor jobs in Massachusetts provide care at various levels. Mental health technicians are providers of care at basic levels, assisting patients with daily activities, monitoring their conditions and administering them medications. In most cases, these technicians are required to carry a high school diploma as psychiatric aides and to study anatomy, biology and psychology. Mental health counselling is another important field of employment – these specialists diagnose and treat mental disorders, while also collaborating with other professionals, such as psychiatrists. These professionals are usually required to complete a bachelor’s degree in a field related to psychology or social sciences as well as a master’s degree in mental health counselling.

The highest-educated professionals in mental health care are the psychiatrists. Psychiatrists are required to complete the training to become medical doctors, followed by 4 years of residency in psychiatric wards, followed by several exams to obtain final certification and to be allowed to start diagnosing and treating people.