Stop Whatever You Are Doing and Read This… Right Now!

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” -Albert Einstein


This is BIG.

Monumental, titanic, epic…  No joking either.

We’re talking industry-altering, population advocating, and positive practice-fostering…  All rolled into one!

We have been affectionately referring to the whole process as “reinventing the broken wheel” and truly it’s a great way to sum things up.

Maybe what I need to do is start at the beginning and bring everyone up to speed…

Back when we created our company, we knew walking into it there would be a certain number of issues we could expect to see in hiring.  There is always some level of difficulty within hiring for a company; otherwise they would not be working with us.

The hard part came when we stated discovering the pervasiveness of these issues, not with just one client, but across the board.  Across the state even!  Everyone seemed to be dealing with the exact same problems.  Over and over again.

A few years later, here we are still seeing the same problems within hiring and employment.

Enough of that! 

Let’s do things really differently!  Let’s switch up how we think about employees (better known as people) and what we are doing to empower them through their careers.

And Voila!  We started thinking about how we can “reinvent that broken wheel.”

I mean, aren’t you tired of seeing the same old problems over and over again in company after company?

The mental health industry organically attracts the most incredible professionals who devote their lives to the betterment of others.  Then why do we consistently see companies struggling to create the most productive and supportive environments for their employees?

We agree.  There needs to be a change and a BIG one.

So, with that being said, we will be rolling out a BRAND NEW SOLUTION to flush out ALL problems related to creating the most effective hiring situation for all companies!

Sounds crazy, right? 

We think that coming up with a creative solution for the betterment of employees and therefore patients, isn’t really “crazy” at all.