Stress-Free Challenge:: Rub Holiday Stress Away

Stressed out by the holidays but don’t have time for a professional massage? Try these do-anywhere, self-healing moves from a celebrity massage therapist

By Refinery29


It’s been in the back of our minds for weeks now, building to a crescendo, taking a toll on our wallets and our moods. The holidays, as wonderful as they may be, can be a huge source of stress. How do you manage the social obligations requiring you to show your face, big-ticket items to purchase, extended family members to visit, and everyday work stresses and personal life pressures? Our heads hurt just thinking about it!

What we need is a good massage. But who has time for that? Well, if you’ve got two working hands, you do! While professional massages are never a bad thing, you can perform one on yourself. Your very own healing hands are all you need to effectively stave off anxiety and dropping energy levels, according to New York City’sDr. Dot. Known as the “rock ‘n’ roll masseuse,” Dot (born Dorothy Stein) married her musical obsessions with her lifelong massage practice, earning her PG-rated, working backstage access after her favorite bands’ concerts. Over the last two decades, she has become the backstage massage therapist of choice for pop music’s top talents—think: Katy Perry, Kanye West, Mariah Carey, Mick Jagger, and Robert Plant.

Dot walks us through four of her signature self-healing moves that we can use in the check-out line, while stuck in traffic, or in the bathroom at your in-laws’ house (and you can watch her demonstrate them on YouTube!).

Head & Scalp

The most blatant signs of holiday-related tension will come in the form of headaches and fatigue…and it’s not solely due to office-party boozing. According to Dot, the scalp tightens, “preventing oxygen flow.” That, in turn, makes you tired and a total cranky-pants. She suggests that you try a head and scalp massage on your next lunch break as a means of lowering blood pressure and lifting your spirit. “Think about how wonderful it feels when you are at the hairdresser or barber as they wash your hair and massage your scalp,” she says. “It’s never long enough, is it? Because it feels divine.” (We’re there with you, Doc.)

The How-To: “Place your palms on your temples, and at the same time, rest your fingers on your head. Then, slowly massage in a firm circular motion a few times clockwise and then counterclockwise, while simultaneously using fingertips to massage and loosen scalp with enough pressure to move the skin over the underlying bone. Continue on, covering your whole head. Don’t be afraid to dig in, keeping your hand in a rake position, but avoid using fingernails at all costs. Gently grasp handfuls of your hair and tug it outwards, as if you were pulling the stress out of your head. Hold the hair for a few seconds and release. Repeat this motion all over scalp, time permitting.”


So many of us (author included) hold serious tension in our necks. And after an afternoon of gift-grabbing, the neck can really start sounding like bubble-wrap. What it needs is some TLC, from you to you, and frequent massaging throughout the day will get some nice blood flowing to the brain, Dot says.