Stressed Out: How to Overcome Stress in Your Job Search (VIDEO)



Do you find yourself stressing out when looking for a job?

You’re not alone.

Its completely normal and sometimes hard to avoid when you’re looking for the perfect combination of salary, benefits, job responsibilities and title.

Don’t lose hope.  There are ways to overcome this type of stress.

Whether we realize it or not, when we come from a place of scarcity, it negatively affects us in our attitude and actions.

Let’s focus on ways that we can help ourselves come from a place of abundance and not scarcity.


When at all possible, prepare yourself mentally and financially for a job search.

If you think you might begin to look for a new role, start saving money NOW!  The more you can save, the better.  Particularly, since you never know how long your search could potentially last so save, save, save!

It’s also important to prepare yourself mentally for the possible strain of searching for a job.  Depending on your industry and job specifics, finding that perfect role could become stressful.  Avoid this by preparing yourself mentally.

Research your industry’s hiring trends and the most current supply and demand for the type of role you are looking for.

Doing this type of preparation will help you feel more equipped to deal with what may or may not come your way.  Either way, you’re covered.


If you’re still working or not, its important to take some time to really think about the future and do some self-reflection about the past.

What have you learned about your past experiences searching for a job?  What have you learned about your past experiences in the workplace, your preferred management style (managing or being managed), your preferences on company culture, autonomy in your role or team dynamics?

Taking time to think about these things will help you get really clear on the things you do and don’t want for your next role and therefore, help you in your job search.


Sometimes when people get stressed, they tend to isolate themselves from friends and family.  This is counterproductive to your goal.

In times of stress, its important to surround yourself with support.

Take this time to spend quality time with those who support you.  Their encouragement will keep your spirits lifted and hopes up.

Another great idea is to use this time to your advantage by working on expanding your network.  Through your research, you have probably come across companies you would like to work for or professionals you would like to emulate.

Use this time to connect with them on LinkedIn and begin building a relationship or study what it is they do that makes them successful in their endeavors.  For example, if you notice a particular professional writes blogs about industry topics once a week, think about doing the same.