Technology Becoming A Bigger Healthcare Feature

By Aaron Baar



The craze over fitness trackers may have reached a plateau, but those that are wearing them are beginning to use them to make changes not just in their fitness, but in reporting their overall health.

According to a survey from The Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, 28% of consumers have used technology to measure their fitness and health goals (up from 17% in 2013) and 23% have used technology to monitor a health issue (up from 15% in 2013). Of those using those technologies, 60% say it led to a significant change in their behavior, and 40% have shared the information from their devices with their doctors. Meanwhile, 13% of respondents who take prescription drugs receive electronic reminder alerts, and more than half expressed interest in using technology for medical prompts.

While those findings are encouraging, the bigger question is how to get even more people to use the devices on a regular basis, and how to get that information to their physicians, says Dr. Harry Greenspun, director of the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions.

“One of the issues that we’re facing is that the people that are wearing the wearables are not the people that healthcare needs to be wearing the wearables,” Greenspun tells Marketing Daily. “One of the challenges on the other end are what are you going to do with it on the provider side.”