How The Technology Executive Role Will Change By 2020

Elite CIOs, CTOs & execs offer firsthand insights on tech & business.

As every company becomes a technology company — and technology companies continue to innovate and expand their reach — the role of CTOs, CIOs and other technology executives are changing.

CTOs are becoming innovation officers, security leaders, and core components of business-minded decisions as the technology on offer takes center stage.

Below, 15 technology executives from Forbes Technology Council offer their insights into how their own roles will continue to change over the next few years.

1. CTOs Will Move From a “Cost of Doing Business” to a “Chief Innovation Officer”

If it is not already doing so, the role must evolve from a “keep the lights on” to a “business value leadership” position. No industry can afford to not take a proactive stance ontechnology, which requires a tech leadership role to be a valued business leader and not just a maintainer of the current state.Technology leadership can be a business differentiator, or inversely, a liability if neglected. – Robert Rice, St Joseph Healthcare

2. The CTO Role Will Expanded

The CTO role is being transformed into the chief digital or data officer, with a skillset more like process engineering — defining how the business runs and innovates using the available and sometimes unavailable data. The CTO’s role becomes more strategic around how products and services are delivered to the end customer, both internally and externally. – David McCannCLEAResult Inc

3. CTOs Will Look at the Human Factor

As much as being a CIO/CTO is about technology, never forgot the people behind it. Our industry suffers from “Shiny Object Syndrome” (everyone’s self-induced pressure to keep up with tech to stay relevant). But those are short term. CTOs should train and nourish the soft skills that make them great, regardless of the tech. Troubleshooting, communication, technical writing — we can learn a lot from the medical field. – Sagi BrodyWebair

4. Technology Executives Will Become Security Leaders

Reactive security is costing companies a fortune. Technology executives need to own theirroles as business leaders. A CTO or CIO who cares about their customers can never be allowed to learn about security needs from scandals and hacks. It is the role of a CTO or CIO to take a proactive approach to protecting their customers. – Chris CiabarraRevel Systems INC