Technology of the Year: USB-C

Written by David Pogue

December 16, 2015

There was plenty of technology unleashed upon the world this year. A ton of pay-with-your-phone systems. Quite a few virtual-reality products. Sense-and-avoid technology in drones.

But one new technology will affect everybody on earth who uses a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. A technology that will save us time, money, and frustration. A breakthrough that will even keep tons of e-waste out of the landfills.

I refer, of course, to USB Type C.

Yes, that’s right. The Yahoo Tech Technology of the Year is a jack.

But wow, what a jack. This single, tiny connector can carry power, and video, and audio, and data—simultaneously. In theory, it can, in other words, replace a laptop’s power cord, USB jacks, video output jack, and headphone jack.

And it’s identical top and bottom, so you can’t insert it the wrong way. (I’ll hold here for applause.)

It’s identical end for end, too, so it doesn’t matter which end you grab first.