Temp-to-Hire, when is the best time for employers to pull the trigger?

Picture it, you have been reaping the benefits of a temporary team.

You have enjoyed the flexibility to scale with projects as they come in…

You have adjusted and fluctuated workloads as needed…

You have saved revenue by lowering your overhead costs…

And throughout this time, you have also evaluated your temporary employees and noticed a few of them stand out over the others.  Now are thinking to yourself, “Maybe I should bring these folks on as my own.”

Ready for the perks? 

Unlike hiring someone as your own employee from the start, temps already working with you will already understand and be comfortable with operations and protocols.

Temporary employees have already been through a certain level of training and the need to bring them up to speed will not be required in the same capacity as someone you have hired on your own.

They will have already become acquainted with your team and how their role functions within the team and overall company dynamics.

They will also already have established their own rapport within the team and assimilating will not be required because it will already have happened.  Your current internal employees may also be encouraged and motivated once they hear this person (or persons) are now officially part of the team!

You’re possibly also wondering “what will the process look like” for hiring the temps on as your own employees?

While we cannot speak for all temp staffing agencies, we can speak to the process Empowered Partnerships LLC will walk you and the staff member through.

Empowered Partnerships LLC’s Process for Temp-to-Hire:

We have a one-step process for converting a temp to your very own employee.

Employers receive a one-time invoice for the conversion fee (which will have been decreasing with each and every month the temp has already been working for you.)

Yep, it’s that simple!

If you are considering building your team or adding additional support for incoming projects, let us know.

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Empowered Partnerships LLC provides temporary, contract, and contract-to-hire personnel to healthcare and dental employers from coast to coast.  We have a wide variety of skilled specialty staff ready to work for you. 

No matter if you are looking for temporary/contract workers, contract-to-hire personnel, direct hire staff, sourcing support, retained recruitment assistance, or recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services, we offer many different options to help employers hire and continue to grow.

If you are interested in learning more about temporary, and contractor staffing options, please contact us at contact@empowered-partnerships.com or view more information about our services on our Employer’s Staffing Services page.


We look forward to working with you!

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