The 39 Benefits (RPO full list)

In a related article, I mentioned that I would share the full list of all 39 advantages to using RPO services in hiring.

The outsourced recruiting model RPO is a specialized type of staffing service with the specific goal of providing a better quality hire than they could recruit on their own.  While this is a spectacular benefit, there’s actually many more other benefits that come along with it.


It’s with this goal in mind, RPO Providers offer staffing models that offer a variety of benefits to the hiring company.  


In a previous article, I needed to think through all the different positive variables and advantages to using RPO services in hiring.  After researching EP’s history with clients, carefully walking through the various opportunities where RPO drives revenue and positive change within the company.  I ended up working things out on the whiteboard in my office (photo of actual whiteboard below).  In conclusion, I ended up coming up with 39 different advantageous components and factors benefiting the hiring company using RPO staffing services.  


As promised, the full list is included below.

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Actual photo of the whiteboard in my office. Please excuse the handwriting.

The 39 Benefits

  1. Better innovation with hiring and solving complex challenges
  2. Better quality hire
  3. Better quality of submittals
  4. Better workforce diversity
  5. Current-state hiring assessment included
  6. Data, analytics and reporting
  7. Decreased training and ramp up times
  8. Detailed industry insights into future trends
  9. Develop new industry relationships with associations, schools, groups, nonprofits, etc.
  10. Direct sourcing-focused
  11. Ensured regulatory hiring compliance
  12. Flexible and strategic sourcing action plans
  13. Higher ratio contact-to-interview and interview-to-submittal
  14. Improved and seamless candidate experience
  15. Improved competitive advantage in market
  16. Improved forecasting ability and insight
  17. Improved new employee retention rates
  18. Improved stake-holder engagement
  19. Included company branding and jobs marketing
  20. Increased hiring manager satisfaction
  21. Increased overall employee retention rates
  22. Measurable and direct results of impact
  23. Niche industry experts (SMEs)
  24. Partnership model
  25. Perks of full-time (FT) Recruiter(s) without all of the costs
  26. Proactive talent acquisition services
  27. Proven pool of candidates / job seekers
  28. Reduced cost-per-hire
  29. Reduced need for direct advertising

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  1. Reduced recruiting costs
  2. Reduced time-to-hire
  3. Representatives of hiring company’s brand
  4. Scalable model, better agility in hiring
  5. Spread out cost, budget-friendly
  6. Streamlined practice
  7. Talent pooling
  8. Tested and predictable recruit-to-hire process
  9. Transparency throughout process
  10. Use of the latest and greatest technology / tools


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Companies looking to hire mental or behavioral health professionals in 2019 are being met with new challenges they have not faced before.  A highly candidate-driven market combined with a low supply of qualified candidates too small and too slowly growing to keep up with the increasing demand for them.  Compounded by constant new company and culture branding, the emergence of social recruitment, new AI recruiting trends and all the other new and fashionable ways companies are just trying to stay competitive in hiring.  It easy to get caught up, spend too much money and be left with your head spinning. 


Empowered Partnerships LLC is looking to slow that spinning, get a hold on the hiring challenges you are facing and start building a solution-based focus.  We are an RPO Service Provider 100% dedicated to mental and behavioral health hiring. 


If you are looking to hire any number of mental or behavioral health professionals in 2019, we want to talk!


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