The Last Place You Have Total Control in Your Business

Making a “bad hire” is expensive.

Everyone knows, it’s better to leave a position unfilled than to make a bad hire.

Look around your office right now and imagine each person you employ as stacks of dollar bills walking around in business suits. People account for about 70% of a business’ cost structure and payroll is most often one of the largest expenses for a business to carry. Bad hires can end up costing a company up to 10x the typical employees compensation. Yet, the majority of companies do not develop the correct practices to ensure the right team members are hired.

So, I’ll repeat… It’s better to leave a position unfilled than to make a bad hire.

Hiring is one of the very last critical components of your business where you have total control.

You have 100% control over who you put on your payroll.

It’s time we gave hiring the same importance that we give every other piece of our business.

However, most folks are just not great at hiring. This shouldn’t be a shock to anyone, because most companies don’t train on how to hire.

Then you throw in that most managers don’t (or cannot) prioritize the time it takes to hire well and you have a recipe for disastrous hiring.

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During a 40-hour work week, most managers devote about 10% of their time to hiring and that’s usually only when they absolutely must do so. The simple answer here is, they’re busy.

Hiring and employment research shows that if you could find a way to increase the amount of time invested in hiring from 10% to 20% a week (or about 1-day) while also utilizing a clearly defined, consistent hiring process, you can realize a tremendous return in your business.

But, there isn’t an efficient process in place today and whose management team has an additional day to devote to hiring?!

That’s where we come in.

Empowered Partnerships LLC has been helping companies meet and exceed hiring and employment goals in the mental and behavioral health industry for almost 5 years now.

We work with organizations who are in need of additional resources for strong passive-candidate flow.  We’re talking continuous streams of qualified and screened job-seekers excited about your specific jobs.

Our bread and butter are positions that have been open for a while with complicated profiles and requirements.  As one of our past clients said, we “bring fresh ideas to complicated purple squirrels.”

Our team comes with strong industry-specific knowledge and we love unraveling intricate professional profiles.

If you find yourself getting stuck in the same hiring ruts or your hiring process just isn’t cutting the cake anymore, contact me or a member of my team. We would be happy to have a quick 15-minute conversation with you to discuss how we might be able to partner together!


Your friend in mental and behavioral health hiring,
Ashley Lane Boyle
Empowered Partnerships LLC

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