The Mental Health Recruiting Struggle is Real

The Mental Health Recruiting Struggle Is Real

Written by Dani Rice, Co-Founder & Chief Mental Health Employer Solutions Provider, Empowered Partnerships

For Mental Health Recruiting teams, the pressure is overwhelming. So many key positions open. The responsibility weighing on your shoulders to find the right staff, bring in the right people to have them start quickly and work with the team as soon as possible.

You know how important it is to get the right team in the positions to help all of the Consumers coming in to get help. The Consumers are coming in the door every day, and you’re not sleeping at night knowing that the positions stay open, the staff is overworked and exhausted, most of all the team is losing energy, all because those positions stay open.

Your internal nagging is constant:

“We need more people, but we can’t have just a warm body. We need a qualified, licensed professional to help all of our Consumers.  Every day someone comes in for help, we need someone ready to help those people.”

Mental Health Recruiting Struggle is RealThis is a common struggle for Management and Recruitment Teams across the country in the Mental and Behavioral Health Industry.

We know, we’ve been there. You’re not alone.

We’re here to tell you, it’s OK to ask for help.

As a result of the challenges facing Recruiting in the Mental Health Industry, Empowered Partnerships offers a unique solution.

We address these challenges with a thoughtful, thorough and customized approach. Detailing everything to help identify what the true root of the struggles are and to answer the big questions:

  • Why haven’t we filled these roles?
  • Where are all the Job Seekers?
  • Is the time to hire to long?
  • Are the Hiring Managers prepared to interview?
  • How is the organizations branding in the market?
  • Where are our struggles, and how can we fix them?

Answering these questions and identifying challenges within the system solves the unique problems in the industry and the Organization, and brings in the right team at the right time.

Empowered Partnerships works along side of you to answer these questions, and fill the openings to help solve your recruitment struggles.

Reach out, it’s OK to ask for help.

We want you to sleep at night, knowing that the team is taken care of and so are the Consumers.

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Dani Rice, Co-Founder & Chief Mental Health Employer Solutions Provider
Empowered Partnerships, LLC Recruitment Firm & Creative Hiring Solutions Partner to the Mental and Behavioral Health Industry

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