The Power of Attraction

Written by Dani Rice, Co-Founder & Chief Mental Health Employer Solutions Provider at Empowered Partnerships

The Power of Attraction

Take two magnets, if aligned correctly, they attract to each other and are difficult to tear apart. Flip them over and they repel each other so fiercely, they will literally bounce off of the magnetic field they have created.  They refuse to share a space.

This Power of Attraction is the the same for Organizations and Job Seekers.

When the magnets are aligned, the Job Seeker is naturally attracted to the Organization, and vice versa. However, when it’s not a the right fit, they repel and bounce off of each other creating a massive negative field.

When it comes to attraction, Organizations are required to look at many factors:

  • Who is on the team?
  • What are the teams strengths?
  • What strengths is the team lacking?
  • How is the Organization attracting talent?
  • Why are Employees leaving?
  • What can be done to retain great talent?
  • What needs to change to attract talent to supplement the current teams strengths?
These questions may sound easy, but they can be difficult to answer.

It’s important for all organizations to review their power of attraction. To determine if they are attracting or detracting the talent they need.

Organizations who succeed at this naturally become the Employer of Choice in the market. Attracting all the right job seekers at the right time.

Is your organization ready to take a Strategic Step to being the Employer of Choice in the Mental & Behavioral Health market?  Contact Empowered Partnerships today.