“All things seem possible in May.” – Edwin Way Teale


May is Mental Health Month!

Have you heard?  It’s official!  

We have posted multiple articles and blogs in the past few days announcing and celebrating MAY as MENTAL HEALTH MONTH!

This is no small thing either!

By acknowledging mental health with it’s very own month, the state of Colorado as a whole is standing up and saying…

“We care about mental health and we need to give it as much attention as we do our physical bodies.” 

Yes, I just quoted myself!  That’s a statement that deserves quotes!

“We are more than just a company”

We at Empowered Partnerships devote every day to spreading awareness of those issues, particularly pertaining to hiring and employment.  Mental Health is something that affects us all.  We take that perspective and run with it!

We need to be talking about patient care, no doubt about it.  Just as importantly, we need to also be having the same conversation around those who are providing that care.

It is our hope that by designating May as Mental Health Awareness Month, our state will organically stand out as the state most committed to this cause.  Through this effort, we can work together to bring a continued awareness of the issues surrounding mental illness and…

Dun, Dun, Dun… Stigma!

Only through awareness can we truly turn ‘Mental Health’ into ‘Mental Wellness!’


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