Tips for Getting Back to Work after a Career Break


Tips For Mental Health Therapist Jobs And Mental Health FieldGetting hired again after a long career break is not easy: Whatever the reason for the break, whether it was to raise your children, because of an illness or to tackle some other life situation, here are some tips to make the process easier for you:

  • Don’t rush things – many people make the mistake of accepting the first job that comes their way, fearing that they will not have any other opportunities. Taking on a job that is not right for you will make you miserable and will eventually make you start looking for another one, so just be patient, the right job is out there for you;
  • Be honest about your career break in your resume – the interviewer you talk to will notice the gap anyway, so be prepared for the question and make sure to add all the new skills that you may have acquired during the break;
  • Consider career returner programs – many companies today provide such programs to help returners reintegrate into the world of work and to offer mentorship and orientation for those who have spent longer periods away from their careers;
  • Stay confident – try to assess your qualities realistically, focus on your fortes and work on your weaknesses and always stay positive.  You may be the best person to fill one of the many mental health therapist jobs Massachusetts has available, and find it to be the most rewarding jobs of all.