Tips for Networking in the Mental Health Job Industry

Empowered Partnerships Networking Mental Health FieldBuilding relationships is essential for your career in any industry, the mental health job industry being no exception. Here are some tips for you:

  • Join social media platforms that focus on professional networking – create a detailed and attractive profile for yourself and try to be as active as possible, joining groups that are of interest, contributing your own contact and actively seeking contact;
  • Attend conferences, workshops and other professional events – these events are great opportunities to extend your knowledge as well as to meet key people for your line of work;
  • Join professional forums – the online forums where professionals talk about their experiences, where they ask for and provide professional help to peers are also great for expanding your network;
  • Be authentic and professional – the content that you post online will be your professional profile, so whenever you express your opinions or post a comment, make sure to maintain a professional, yet personable attitude;
  • Don’t be shy to reach out to people – people are usually happy to meet new people, to communicate, even to help. All you need to do is to overcome the obstacle and the shyness that is in you and start actually doing it.  Find some of the best and rewarding opportunities in the Mental Health field at