Top 5 Advantages to Outsourcing Recruitment with RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

Recruiting has gone through some major changes since its inception.  Economic conditions, unemployment shortages, improvements in compensation packages, changing business conditions have all contributed to the ever-building war for the best candidates.

Therefore, this has driven companies to think more creatively in how they go about finding and attracting those qualified candidates.  They began to find that they needed a specialized outside resource that could take on this challenge and help them be more competitive in the recruiting field.

And out of this recruitment evolutionary need RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) was born!

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (otherwise known as RPO) is when a company outsources their recruitment needs to a specialized staffing service vendor who develops and implements a market-specific strategy to overcome the challenges within hiring.

Companies in this situation are looking for a successful recruitment strategy and focused candidate development in a cost-effective package.

Busy employers and hiring managers achieve all this when they outsource recruitment in an RPO model.

Here are the top 5 benefits to outsourcing recruitment with RPO:

  1. RPO reduces the cost of recruitment.

This is almost always the BIGGEST ADVANTAGE to a company interested in RPO solutions.  Many companies spend a lot of money on staffing agencies, headhunters, posting and advertising on job boards or with high turnover costs.  Time is also often wasted on an outdated recruiting process or lack of the most progressive technology.  No matter the situation, this is just no fun for a company to endure.  An RPO provider will assist their client in streamlining their recruitment process (a lasting benefit), give them access to the most up-to-date technology and do it at an overall lesser cost to the company than if they had implemented all of this one their own.

The bottom line is that RPO saves companies money in the long run. Most RPO vendors programs cost less than hiring an internal recruiter and always cost less than doing all that they do on your own.

  1. Scale up or scale down, your RPO vendor will scale with your needs!

RPO models are built to calibrate with their client’s needs and adapt to any situation.  Whether you’re in a hiring splurge or focused on filling a few key positions, an RPO model will be able to flex and fill out as their clients’ needs change.  The RPO vendor’s focus on the market and strategies to develop qualified candidates will not change, but they have the ability to bend as their client needs.  This is a lasting benefit as the year fluctuates with seasonal or industry changes.

  1. Stronger quality of hires through a consistent lock on the industry!

RPO vendors are often highly specialized and therefore, focus their energy and resources into sourcing, screening and presenting the best of the best in available talent.  They will likely have a strong presence in their industry of choice, which a client reaps the benefits of.  Their recruitment strategies and practices act as a representation for their clients.  The most sought-after candidates getting contacted frequently by traditional staffing companies not representing themselves as reliable resources, will appreciate a company’s desire to work with a vendor who knows them best.

  1. A reliable and predictable recruitment process their clients can count on!

RPO models are built to develop and implement a specialized recruitment strategies specific to their client’s needs.  Sometimes they reengineer their client’s entire recruiting process (depending on need).  At the very least, clients come away with a recruitment strategy and hiring plan that is consistent and prospective for them to be the most successful within their given market.

  1. RPO allows a company to focus on core operations while they rest assured their recruitment goals are being met and their brand is being consistently-represented.

RPO vendors act as an extension of their client’s recruiting department.  They design and develop their recruiting process to flow with their client’s current brand and hiring vision.  Companies can focus their full attention on the practices that made them successful, such as sales or new business development, while their RPO vendor focus on bringing in the most qualified candidates for them to consider for hire.

While we have only listed 5 advantages here, there are many more benefits to companies using RPO vendors.  Some of those benefits include: reduced time to hire, a highly targeted talent pool, enhanced analytics or reporting, reduced need for advertising, reduction in turnover rates, competitive advantage within the market, etc.