How to Use PsychOpps for Your Mental & Behavioral Health Job Search

Last week, Empowered Partnerships rolled out our latest accomplishment… is a Job Search Engine created for the specific needs of the mental and behavioral health community!

This tool was designed to make searching for a job in the mental & behavioral health field simpler by bringing together all the available jobs across the country to one place for job seekers!

This blog will share with you how to get started and tips on how to make this tool the most effective for your job search.

First, you will need to Create Your Profile.

This is a one-time thing so once it’s done, its there for you to use over and over again!  You can even tweak it when changes need to be made.  

Think of this like your LinkedIn profile!

***In fact, you can use your LinkedIn profile to get you started!***

You want to display your accomplishments, discuss your past and present responsibilities and any specialties you may have worked in. works off keyword connections (similarly to how LinkedIn works).  This is how employers can find you when they search Job Seeker Profiles.

TIP: Add in as many keywords as you can!  For example, if you worked with children and families in the past.  You will want to discuss this experience by including acronyms and full word descriptions.  So, include the words “children and families” and also “C/F” or “C&F”.  The more you include the better the tool will work for you to get you found by the right employers looking for your type of experience.

As I mentioned before, you can simply upload your information off your LinkedIn profile or you can input it manually. 

Follow the guided instructions for sharing your information. 

If you have any difficulty, you can always let us know too!  At the bottom of each page, there is a feedback link that looks like this…

Someone will respond to you as soon as possible.


Once you have either uploaded your information from LinkedIn or begun to input it manually, you will see a page that looks somewhat like this (this is mine)…

TIP: You will immediately receive a confirmation email to approve your account.  Check your email and confirm to continue.  The email will look lke this…

Once you confirm your email address, you will be redirected back to your Profile Page.

If you scroll down the page, here is where you will be able to add your full resume (if it wasn’t on LinkedIn), include links to your Twitter account, personal website or add videos!

You can also add keywords for your skill-set in the “Additional Skills” section (keep in mind the TIP from before about adding varieties of descriptions and acronyms when possible).

Don’t forget to add your previous and/or past positions, education and certifications if the uploader tool did not automatically add them for you.  This will help you stand out from the crowd and help you get found in employer’s searches!

Lastly, click “Update Profile” and you’re done!

Now you can apply to jobs without having to input your information in over and over again!  YAY!

TIP: In the Profile Section, you will also be able to see your Application History, Job Alerts, view your profile and manage your profile by hiding your contact information and hiding your profile.

If you want to revisit this section again, just click “Manage Profile” under your name at the top right.

TIP: Create as many Job Alerts as apply to your specific search needs!  These will help you see all the jobs that apply to you and you can choose to move forward with applying to them or not as you go!

Lastly, if you should need additional help with your job search, use our free resources for job seekers on our main Empowered Partnerships website to make this the best job selection experience in our industry!  


We sincerely hope you find to be a useful and effective job search tool to helping connect you with the right mental and behavioral health employers across the country!

If you have any issues at all or would like to send us feedback, please do so by clicking the link at the bottom of each page…

Someone will respond to you as soon as possible.


Your friends in Mental & Behavioral Health Hiring,

Empowered Partnerships LLC