Useful Tips for Navigating Online Job Boards

Job boards are among the most frequently used platforms for employers and job seekers alike, so here are some useful tips on how to use them to find your dream job and to get it, too:

  • Use job alerts – job alerts are great tools that will notify you whenever a job opening that suits your profile is posted. Creating appropriate alerts will save you lots of time and energy that you would otherwise waste browsing new job posts;
  • Sign up for newsletters – most job boards send interested job seekers newsletters with great articles about current industry trends and other relevant topics such as mental health clinician jobs in MA. Sign up to these newsletters to be able to stay up to date with what is happening in your industry;
  • Check in regularly – log into your job board accounts at least once a week and track each of your applications;
  • Be patient – the companies that post openings on job boards usually receive hundreds of applications, so the process of going through and evaluating incoming resumes might take months. While you might get employed during your first week on job boards, the chances are quite slim, so you will need to wait patiently and to keep up your positive attitude.