VIDEO: Groundbreaking Technology Lets You See Your Body In A New Light

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NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Imagine seeing yourself like never before. With groundbreaking technology, you can now get an intricately detailed look at your body from every angle — all in the comfort of your home.

“We can extract any measurement we want from your body. We can see how your chest is changing, arms are changing, quads are changing, calves are changing, waist is changing,” NAKED Mirror founder Farhad Farahbakhshian told CBS2’s Kristine Johnson.

The NAKED Mirror offers way more than your personal reflection. It lets you see just how effective your diets or workouts really are.

“We visualize progress far quicker than what you see in a mirror or on a scale,” Farahbakhshian said.

Farahbakhshian said a high performance computer inside the mirror scans your body as you rotate on a turntable.

“We have three sets of depth sensors embedded here, here and there,” Farahbakhshian said. “So within 20 seconds of getting your body scanned on our companion app, what you see is your 3-D Avatar.”

It shows a heat map to highlight your body’s changes and has precision down to a tenth of an inch.

“And you can do this with side-by-side comparisons, before and after scans,” he said. “When they see even the smallest amount of progress it’s so incredibly motivating for them.”



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