(VIDEO) Join the Mental Health Equality in the Workplace

Taking care of your workforce’s health and well-being is essential to driving down expenses.  From short-term disability claims to absenteeism, doctor visits to reduced productivity, the direct and indirect cost of illness and disability can be staggering.  You may have workplace wellness programs in place to try to relieve some of these costs. However, chances are those programs only address physical health.  In the Mental Health Equality in the Workplace campaign, we make the Case for Equality.  Mental and physical health are both health, and treating them as such can make a huge difference on your company’s bottom line.

1 in 4 of Americans have a mental health condition, making these some of the most prevalent diagnoses in the nation and the most under-treated.  Failure to promote mental wellness in the workplace, failure to identify and intercede with struggling employees and failure to encourage early identification and treatment all contribute to overall costs (employee absences, increased disability, and lost production) for any company.  Not to mention what it does to employee confidence and overall morale.

The Mental Health Equality in the Workplace campaign works to reinforce and reward workplaces who choose to put mental wellness and equality first in their employment priorities. This statewide campaign has a unique process each company completes to first understand where they are currently in making mental health equality a priority and second how they can improve.  The campaign offers one-on-one consultations, workshops and education to companies involved to help them in every way possible.

“The Mental Health Equality in the Workplace Campaign of the Colorado Mental Wellness Network is designed to help workplaces ensure that employees feel safe getting care whether it’s for the “back or the brain”.  This campaign is a win win — helping a company’s bottom-line by helping employees to get and stay well.

In the short time since it’s launch, we’ve signed up over a dozen companies — one with 1500 employees — because companies want to do better at normalizing mental health care as part of whole health so that their employees and their families get and stay well.”

-Pat Blumenthal, Mental Health Equality in the Workplace Campaign Organizer


Empowered Partnerships LLC & PsychOpps.com have joined the Mental Health Equality in the Workplace campaign!

We hope you will join us in encouraging equality in your employees too!