VIDEO: Your View of Mental Illness Will Change After This Colorado Man’s Story

Next with Kyle Clark , KUSA 8:03 PM. MST January 23, 2017

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KUSA – A viewer sent 9NEWS an email about a topic that might make some people uncomfortable.

“I write this note humbly to you…. I believe as a society we do not do a good job of recognizing mental illness nor do we treat those that have mental illness in a decent manner. We often look at them as outcasts or worse label them as ‘crazy.’ 

The media has a powerful and important job to inspire and help change the face of mental illness…. I am reaching out to help fight the stigma of mental illness. I battle with mental illness but I am coming out of hiding and asking to be interviewed to give people the strength and hope that they can battle mental illness and be able to live a productive life.”

Next agreed with Matt, and sat down with him to talk about his own invisible illness. He is bipolar.

Matt says many people are told to “man up.” But, when it comes to mental illness, to “man up” does not mean to ignore your condition. It means to accept, face and overcome it.

Watch Matt’s powerful story in the video above.

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